Why use solar power?

When Electricity demand era, do you know why solar energy generation is used?

Almost all aspects of modern life depend on electricity. With the advancement of technology, from cooking and dishwashers to sports equipment and entertainment facilities, almost everything we use contains electronic circuits. However, society’s dependence on electricity is also gradually causing problems: conventional fossil fuel reserves are dying, climate change hazards are becoming more and more practical, and there is an unprecedented urgent need for alternative energy sources. Solar power generation obtains energy from the sun to generate electricity. This is an attractive way of generating electricity that can shift our dependence on fossil fuel power generation.

Crude oil prices have continued to rise in the past 30 years and are expected to continue to grow

So there are so many ways to generate electricity, why use solar power?

Since the industrial revolution, the use of fossil fuels in developed countries has been increasing. However, in the past 20 years, two important issues have emerged. The first question is about the shortage of fossil fuel resources and energy security. People have accepted that the current world oil reserves are a restrictive resource, and as countries such as India need more electricity to increase the degree of industrialization and promote the budding of the middle class, oil demand will increase. This growth will generate a huge demand for limited resources. In addition, the prices of these resources change frequently. The driving force of renewable energy technologies such as solar power is the growing energy demand and the need to decouple from rising oil prices. The charm of solar power generation is that it requires almost no operating costs: after the initial investment, energy is almost free, while fossil fuels must be purchased for a long time, and various signs indicate that prices will continue to rise.

The second problem is man-made climate change (also called global warming). The burning of fossil fuels will release greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere, which will cause changes in the earth’s climate and weather patterns. The theory has been widely accepted. Scientists predict that more extreme weather such as floods and droughts will occur under the influence of climate change, and the global average temperature will also rise. This will naturally affect the plants and animals living on the earth. Governments at all levels in developed and developing countries have recognized the urgent need to take international action to eliminate the effects of man-made climate cavitation. These actions include reducing the use of fossil fuels, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To make these actions successful, the use of cleaner, lower-emission technologies to replace fossil fuels is an important contribution. Therefore, renewable energy technologies such as wind power and solar power will play an important role in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, and may become an important part of the world’s energy supply structure in the future.

Every year the earth receives a large amount of solar radiation, enough to meet 1000 times the current energy consumption